BedWars (Map/Minigame)

ID: 20461

This map is a recreation of one of the popular games that we can find on Minecraft servers. Now it will not be necessary to join a servant to enjoy this game. You can play with 2 or up to 16 players. It is important to mention that the map is made with redstone and command blocks, so that its operation is the closest thing to a server.

How to play?

To start the game there must be a minimum of 2 players. It is important to mention that, individually, you can play with 4 players, while in teams you can play in 4 teams of 4 members, but don’t worry, since the game automatically separates and selects the players randomly to start the game.

At the beginning each player will appear on an island where he will find a bed, but … what are the beds for? Well as long as the bed remains on your island, you can respawnate again on the island when you die. So protect your bed at all costs. Also on the islands there will be mineral generators that will help you to buy items with the villagers who will be on your island.


Your objective will be to destroy the beds of the opposing teams, and so they will not be able to respawnear, and so, if they die once again without a bed, they will lose the game.

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